RTOM Corporation was founded in 1992, with a single purpose; to create devices and systems that provides a No Compromise Practice experience. Since its inception, RTOM has challenged every conventional concept and technology - in an effort to bring a new level of enjoyment to practicing.

It is our goal to lead the way in developing technology, resulting in products that allow the drummer to practice with little compromise. To put it simply, we want your experience with RTOM products to enhance your fundamental playing skills. 

At RTOM we have people from many disciplines working in engineering, manufacturing, and science. All of us understand or play drums, and we are bringing our unique ability to an area of percussion, that has been long overlooked by the drum industry. We realize that practicing is a vital component of your development, and through our continued research, we will develop realistic practice solutions that were once thought improbable.

RTOM is virtually the only company solely committed to the innovation of new practice products, making your necessity to practice, ever more enjoyable. So stay tuned to this web site for our latest product developments.



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